Payment Methods

Wisebridal makes it easy for you to order by offering safe and secured payment gateway:
We currently accept Visa,MasterCard and American Express credit card payments from most locations worldwide. Paying by credit card is fast, safe, secured in Wisebridal. All your credit card details are securely stored by Dhpay and GlobeBill not Wisebridal.
Paying by credit card through Dhpay is a fast, safe and secure way to order from us.
1. On your Shopping Cart page, check carefully of the order details from color to measurements, then please click "Proceed to Checkout".
2. Fill in the required information carefully and choose payment method as Visa/Master Credit Card.
3. After reviewing your payment details, click "Place Your Order".
4. Fill in the required credit card information and click "Pay Now".

Note: Wisebridal does not store or review your credit card & personal information. As such, should any issues arise regarding your credit card transaction, please contact DHPAY or your card issuing bank for assistance. Wisebridal does not assume any responsibility for any credit card payment issues.

Your order status should be changed as "processing” as soon as your payment goes through. There will be an email containing order details for confirmation before dress-making.

In some case, your order may not go through. Here are the reasons for your payment failure:
1) Incorrect card information (card number, name, expiration date .etc) or the card has been expired.
2) Insufficient funds in credit card
3) The card you using is in bank blacklist because of chargeback history. It has been declined.
4) High risk transactions. The transaction failed to pass the anti-fraud system of the gateway, the gateway declined it for the protection of the merchant.
If you failed to pay the order, please make sure there is sufficient balance in your card. If everything is okay in your side, please contact the card issuing bank for confirmation and the bank should let your next Payment go through.
Note: Some failure may be caused by net connection or browser version. Please try it again or change a browser to finish your payment!
Know more about it, please send an email to, we will get back to your inquires within 24 hours!